As part of the BOLSTER project’s work activities “Re-Activate campaign – mini projects,” the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Croatia is implementing a project called “Green transformation of youth” in collaboration with the City of Pula, the Foundation for the Promotion of Partnership and Development of Civil Society from Pula, and the Pula Gymnasium. 

The project’s initial activity was a two-day workshop on May 3 and 4, 2024, in Veliki and Mali Brijun, with the goal of educating young people from Pula Gymnasium about the diversity of aromatic and native plants, as well as providing practical knowledge about planting and preserving these plants. This workshop gave a unique chance for young people to actively engage with the flora of Brijuni while also gaining practical knowledge and expertise that will be used in the community garden to design an irrigation system. Associate professor Sabina Hodžić and senior assistant Tanja Fatur Šikić attended the workshop.

On May 24, 2024, as part of the mini-project, a workshop on medicinal plants will be held in Pula’s Social Garden. In addition, the project will include pupils from Pula Gymnasium who will design and build an irrigation system for the community garden that will allow irrigation to be turned on remotely. Specifically, a significant issue with summertime irrigation was identified in the garden and will be resolved in this manner.

On the same day, in the Science Garden will be a workshop aimed at demonstrating young people the Science Garden and promoting awareness of the importance of biodiversity preservation through volunteerism and active community participation. Gardening with native plants not only enriches the place, but it also helps to preserve natural wealth and promotes a healthier, more sustainable community.