BOLSTER project was prominently showcased during two major regional development conferences in Poland this month, amplifying its relevance and significance in the field.

Dr Marcin Baron, who heads the Polish BOLSTER team, presented the mid-term results of the project at the Regional Just Transition Observatory Conference in Silesia on October 13th. His presentation was met with interest, reflecting the importance of the BOLSTER project in the country’s development landscape.

At the same event, Prof. Adam Drobniak, a key BOLSTER researcher, took on the role of chairing a discussion panel. The panel was graced with the presence of prominent representatives from the European Commission, trade unions, the coal mining industry, and research institutes, highlighting the multi-faceted impact of the project.

Further solidifying BOLSTER’s standing in the academic and development communities, both Dr Baron and Prof. Drobniak represented the project at POLREG 2023. Held from October 22nd to 24th in Wroclaw, POLREG 2023 is recognized as the largest Polish conference on regional studies. The duo discussed key findings from stakeholder analyses and provided initial insights into the challenges faced by marginalized communities.